Sycamore, Illinois

This project is quite different than others. The coyotes capture were not caught in a forest preserve, but in actual neighborhoods. These are truly urban coyotes that live among people. The information is also shared, so the public can see for themselves what each coyote is doing, in as close to real time as possible. This has never been offered before from any organization. It is also evident that the tools used to collar the animals are state of the art, as you can see for yourself.  The coyotes are humanely caught and released without any damage to the animal.  These are also the same tools used by fur trappers to harvest animals during the legal trapping season every year.


Coyotes in the study

All coyotes in the project have been collard with advanced electronic tracking collars that allow the coyotes location to be monitored and recorded.  The best thing about this project is it is a open study and it allows people from all over to view and monitor the coyotes in the study be visiting our advanced coyote tracking detail pages. This allows the general public to see and learn how coyotes travel and interact with humans and pets.  Click the details link below to see details and tracking maps  pertaining to that particular coyote.


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