Sycamore, Illinois

Urban Coyote Management


News stories from around the country describing the negative experiences people are having with coyotes have increased in the last several years.  Pets have been injured, people have been followed, chased, and bitten.  Based on our experience and expertise in solving coyote\human conflicts, we feel that there are several reasons for this increase.  


  1. There are more coyotes living in close proximity to people than in the past.  Science has proven that coyotes living in urban environments are almost five times more likely to be sick with mange, and heartworms.


  2. People think they are helping wildlife by making food available.  As it relates to coyotes, that is a particularly bad idea.  Coyotes become territorial of a food source and it puts neighborhood pets at risk.  It has been proven that coyotes cannot tolerate human food over a period of time which can ultimately cause their death.


  3. We have been bombarded over the years with the idea that we need to learn to coexist with coyotes.  Our opinion is that this line of thought has actually led to some of the problems we are experiencing with coyote behavior.  If you do nothing to intimidate a coyote to stay out of your neighborhood, they will become very comfortable around people and become habituated (lose the fear of people).  When that fear or wariness is gone trouble will follow.  

We have many years of experience solving conflicts with coyotes and would be happy to discuss any issues you may have with coyotes and recommend solutions to mitigate those issues.