Sycamore, Illinois

Zendal Carroll

Zendal Carroll was brought up in a hunting and trapping family. He began hunting with his father at the age of 5, mostly small game, rabbits, quail and pheasants, training and hunting with english pointers. Very soon his dad introduced him to the sport of trapping, and he fell in love with the excitement of this new venture. He was taught from the beginning to respect all living things and that taking an animals life is a very serious matter.
Throughout his teenage years there was no time for school sports, every ounce of his energy went to pursuing some type of wild creature, from ground hogs to foxes, never missing a chance to be outdoors in all seasons. Training hounds with his dad for night time hunts for raccoon came soon. Along with the hunting and trapping, Zendal learned early the responsibility to the animals to be humane and to respect game laws and landowners.
All the hunting experiences eventually led Zendal to the outdoor television industry. As a producer/editor he has produced for Archers Choice with Ralph and Vicki, filming and taking big game over most all of Canada, the United States, and Mexico. He is currently producing and editing for Sportsman Channel and other web based outdoor shows.
Zendals outdoor background has lead him to researching and documenting coyotes and other predators and their impact on human life with Dave and Rob with Scientific Wildlife Management. With his hunting and trapping background, his love of animals, along with his production skills, he definitely adds a new dimension to the team of Scientific Wildlife Management.