Sycamore, Illinois

Urban Coyote In Vancouver

I investigated a possible coyote sighting in the neighborhood near Elliot and 54th when I saw this coyote wandering around. It's not common to see coyotes at this time of day so I checked to see what could possibly be attracting a daytime presence. What I found was this neighborhood had an abundance of food options that would attract any type of wildlife including coyotes. Not only was there someone purposely leaving cat food in several back alleys (which attracted many cats,) I also found a small dog roaming the streets alone without a collar. I also saw two separate individuals walking their small dog without a leash. Although the individual who was leaving cat food probably meant well, they probably do not realize that they are actually creating a more dangerous situation by attracting predators to their area such as this coyote. Unattended, unleashed small dogs are an easy target. Pet owners need to be cautious when walking their small pets at all times. Coyotes are very intelligent animals and have adapted to live within our city limits. Just like crows, racoons and squirrels, Coyotes are also part of our urban lifestyle. Note* I found the small dog's home and returned him safely. This video was taken in Vancouver, B.C. Canada