Sycamore, Illinois


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Hiring a professional trapper to solve your coyote problem!

Why hiring the proper trapper is important to you. When deciding which trapper to hire in your area it is very important that he can provide references to ensure that he has the knowledge and expertise to capture the problem animal/animals. This is especially true when dealing with coyotes.

Coyotes are the most intelligent and adaptive predators in our urban environments. They are suspicious of anyone or anything foreign to their environment (which is why cage traps do not work reliably for coyotes if at all). It requires a very skilled trapper to consistently catch coyotes. There is tons of information on the internet describing how to catch coyotes but it takes a deeper understanding of the coyote and what makes him tick to consistently catch coyotes causing problems. A novice trapper or someone new to this business will not be successful consistently. The learning curve is steep and many years of experience and study are required to become successful at removing this predator where he is causing a problem.

Make sure that the trapper is licensed and insured, do not hire a trapper that is going to set cage traps. You should only pay for coyotes that are caught, not raccoons and skunks. Pay for a professional with experience.

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